Moa Wärvik
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Moa Wärvik

  • NICKNAME: 3rd August 1997
  • HOME: Åre, Sweden
  • DISCIPLINES: Freeriding
    • 3rd 3* Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships & Rookie of the year
    • 4th 4* Freeride World Qualifier Nendaz
    • 1st 2* Freeride World Qualifier Verbier
    • 1st 2* Freeride World Qualifier Verbier
    • shooting with top ski photographers


From growing up in a ski town, and having a mum who was a ski bum and ski teacher, one could say that skiing raised me.  Through skiing I discovered the world, myself and a connection to nature. Up until my 20’s I competed in alpine skiing, which resulted in me being a very disciplined skier with a solid technical background. Happily, I discovered freeriding after my exams and I’ve spent my days on wider skis in bigger mountains ever since. Skiing has been my inner compass, guiding me through life. I always plan my days around skiing. Between competing on the Freeride World Qualifiers and working on projects connected to the ski industry I am following my dream to create a lifestyle around skiing.

What MOMENT do you ski for?

I ski for the moment where I forget about everything else and just enter the moment of now, on skis, in the mountains, with people I like.

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? 

I disconnect to reconnect. I take a decent break where I put no pressure on myself and just enjoy the flow of the now. From this, I get the contrast of having no pressure to being really stoked on the next challenge.

What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you? 

“Skiing is believing, where you can put anything in front of the believing. You have to believe it to be able to succeed with it.” This resonated with me when I discovered my false beliefs on what I could and couldn’t do. Changing these thoughts helps me reach my goals and set new goals.

How do you conquer difficult situations? 

By going back to nature; by finding truth in our biological existence - what is true in our lives. Often, I feel like a lot of the difficult situations that enter my life aren’t as difficult as they seem. Breaking the situation into smaller pieces helps me sort out what is true or not and then I can solve it piece by piece.

How does your mindset (or attitude) influence your performance? 

The answer to this includes the same concept that my favorite quote speaks about - believing. With your mind you can create your reality and with the right beliefs and attitude you can pursue your dreams. It has been important for me to find ways to enter this state of mind since there are a lot of triggers accompanying situations where you’re asked to perform. For me, my mindset is crucial for me to be able to reach my dreams and goals.

What strategy do you use to overcome pressure and stress for optimum performance?

Mindset is crucial; therefore, I strive to get in the right state of mind. Tranquility and peace within are important for me. I use breathing to help the physical and mental body to stay calm. Also, I choose what type of information I consume before a performance. Outside influences can affect the mind and I choose to be around the right people, listening to good music and getting stoked with pep talks. I want to feel light, playful and stoked.