Mathis Dumas
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Mathis Dumas

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    • Steep Skiing Face nord Aiguille du Midi 5.4
    • Face nord Pain de Sucre 5.4


MATHIS DUMAS is a photographer, filmmaker, UIAGM Mountain Guide and mountain sports athlete known for his ability to capture extraordinary imagery while climbing and skiing in extremely high-risk environments.

Mathis climb some of the most difficult Ice Fall, Alpine North Face and BigWall in the Alps, Steep skiing and Paragliding they are his daily activity.

What MOMENT do you ski for?

Mathis ski for the long powder days ski with friends, skiing until the sunset is the best !

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge?

I never stop but I just change the activity to be motivated for the next challenge !

What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you?

The mountain offers us the decor ... It's up to us to invent the story that goes with....

How do you conquer difficult situations?

Keep calm and focus, with the experience it’s become more and more easly !

What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are today and were they worth it?

I sacrified a lot, specialy familly, friends, party... i work hard to be when i am today but i live my dream life.

How does your mindset (or attitude) influence your performance?

It’s a huge part of the performance, sometime for a special line or a day when you have a good feeling you can charge a lot and take lot of risk

What do you do when you aren’t skiing?

Alpinism, Paragliding, Climbing, ice climbing there is many activity to do in mountain !

What strategy do you use to overcome pressure and stress for optimum performance?

Just practice a lot, everyday and when it’s become usually you don’t have Pressure and stress because it’s what you do everyday !