a few in-
season tips
from crystal


1. Warming up before hitting the slopes?

I think it is super important to warm-up before hitting the slopes and this does not mean just stretching. Skiing is a total body dynamic exercise so it is important to get the entire body warmed up. I like to get the knees warmed up by doing a few squats, getting blood flowing to the knees really helps on those first 2 runs. I also think it is important to get the core warm as well. Skiing is so much about finding your core. So I would do something like this before hitting the slopes. 3 rounds 10s squats, 10x sit-ups 10x walking lunges and then maybe a few dynamic stretches like walking instep stretch and hamstring stretch.

2. In-season fitness maintenance:

Maintenance is very important during ski season this is where I struggle the most with my clients staying in the gym. Everyone works so hard pre-season and then they fall off during the ski season. It is very important to maintain your strength through the season. It only takes a week to start losing the strength you have built up. Skiing is a great workout but you don't get your glutes, core and hamstrings strong while skiing. Skiing is a very quad dominant sport but imagine how much stronger you would feel keeping the entire body strong? This is important for injury prevention as well the more you are using total body strength the less likely you are to get injured. Maintenance training is very different then pre-season training in the sense we do a lot more corrective strength, core and upper body. We do not hammer the legs during the season but maintain overall leg strength.

3. Après ski stretching:

I think stretching after skiing is great, but I dont feel a lot of people do it. I think just having a small stretch routine at the end of the day is good or I do have a lot of people that train after skiing which is also a good way to reset the body.