The Rookie and The Legend

Elyse Saugstad
Historically speaking, skiing isn’t fair.

It can throw you curveballs and leave you in the thick of a storm.
It can beat you up and throw you down the wrong side of a mountain.
Or even worse, it can undervalue you as a human being.

Since the sport’s earliest days, women around the world have been pushed into that undervalued box. But looking forward, we believe fairness is possible.

That’s why we invest our hearts and resources into our Women 2 Women program year after year.

At the root of all this change, we need to have hard conversations with one another. So we brought together two of Blizzard Tecnica’s most prized, most ripping, most intelligent skiers to talk it out. In one chair, you have the legend: Elyse Saugstad—a veteran freeskier with too many awards and accomplishments to count. In the other chair, you have Caite Zeliff—a hungry shredder inspired by Elyse’s story while writing her own.
Caite Zeliff

In between Elyse and Caite, three conversations take place in our latest video series: The Rookie and The Legend. They dive deep into a range of topics — like flipping the narrative away from “token females,” pursuing motherhood, and letting your own unique voice be heard across the industry.

Skiing isn’t fair. But it can become fair — one small step at a time.

For now, one of the steps you can take is to listen to these conversations, share with your friends, and evolve your perspective not just as a skier, but as a human being.
The Token Female
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Finding your voice
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