Jacqueline Pollard
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Jacqueline Pollard

  • BIRTHDAY: 29 May 1997
  • HOME: Alta, Ut
  • DISCIPLINES: Big Mountain skiing or Freeriding
    • 1st overall Freeride World Qualifier North America 2018
    • 2nd overall Freeride World Tour 2019 


My name is Jacqueline Pollard. I am a 22-year-old student majoring in Biology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  During the winter I devote my time to skiing with friends and competing on the Freeride World Tour.  While during the summer I work as a raft guide for Holiday Expeditions, in Green River, Utah.  Most importantly when not busy I love to spend time with my cats.

What MOMENT do you ski for?

I ski for the moment of pure happiness.

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? 

I recharge my batteries for my next challenge by eating lots of peanut butter and taking cat naps.

What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you? 

My favorite quote is “if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water,” by Loren Eiseley. This quote resonates with me because water shapes most things on the earth and it allows me to keep doing the things I love.

How do you conquer difficult situations? 

I conquer difficult situations by keeping a positive mental attitude.

How does your mindset (or attitude) influence your performance? 

If I am having fun and enjoying myself my performance will hopefully reflect my love for skiing.

What do you do when you aren’t skiing? 

If I am not skiing I like to be outside adventuring and hanging out with friends.

What strategy do you use to overcome pressure and stress for optimum performance?

I like to sing songs and dance around. I also have to remember to breath, have fun, and know I am getting to do something that I love.