Caite Zeliff
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Caite Zeliff

  • BIRTHDAY: 23 March 1994
  • HOME: Jackson, Wyoming
  • DISCIPLINES: Freeride
    • 1st ever Queen of Corbet’s (now a 2 x Queen!) 

    • Filming with Warren Miller


I was born and raised in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where I fell in love with the sport of skiing. At the age of 12, I started a ski racing career that brought me all over the world taking part in the FIS and NorAm Circuits. After a year of ski racing Division 1 at the University of New Hampshire I headed to Jackson, Wyoming to chase a dream of skiing big mountain lines and deep snow. I fell in love with the creativity of free skiing and have since taken part in events like The Rhalves Banzai Tour, Freeride World Tour Qualifying events, King & Queens of Corbets and any form of free skiing I can get my hands on. I am looking forward to entering the world of mountaineering while continuing to push the boundaries of skiing by working on my ability to grease giant airs and big lines all over the world while sharing it with the people I love.

What MOMENT do you ski for?

I ski for the moment where time slows down and all those pesky stressors of life melt away. I ski for the moment when I am fully immersed in what I am doing, when nothing else matters but that next turn or cliff drop. I ski for the moment at the end of the day where I am fully content, emotionally, mentally and physically tired but full from a day of charging.

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? 

A good balance of sleep, water and live music with good friends usually do the trick for me.

What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you? 

It’s not so much a quote but a saying. ‘Hold It Wide Open’ is a saying that I have lived by for the past few years. It is a motorcycle term I learned from a family friend. To me it means giving this life everything I have. It means not holding back and going full throttle.

How do you conquer difficult situations? 

Deep breaths and positive self talk help me ride the waves of whatever I am trying to conquer.

 What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are today and were they worth it? 

haha ‘no comment’ -- I will answer this in a few years when we know if it was worth it :)

How does your mindset (or attitude) influence your performance? 

Mindset and attitude are incredibly important when it comes to my performance. I make sure I am 100% focused and fired up on whatever experience I am heading into. Without a positive mindset and attitude I wouldn’t ski the way I choose to ski.