Be searchable

In case of avalanches and emergencies or if lost in the outdoors RECCO rescue reflectors make you searchable by organized rescue teams searching with RECCO detectors.

RECCO technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident or when lost in the outdoors. Wearing gear equipped with RECCO reflectors enables professional rescuers to locate you with RECCO detectors. The technology is a two-part system, the detector sends out a directional radar signal like the beam of a flash light. Once the beam of the signal hits the RECCO reflector the signal is echoed back and directs the rescuer to your location.
RECCO handheld detectors, first introduced in 1983, are utilized today as a standard tool for avalanche rescue by mountain rescuers worldwide and are used at more than 800 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations in 27 countries.

The recently introduced RECCO SAR helicopter detector, was designed to scan large areas fast for a missing person in the outdoors.

It has been deployed and is operative at several locations in the Alps, North America and Scandinavia, with the goal to increase coverage globally and add constantly more countries and areas to the list.
For the user the RECCO reflector offers a simple solution to always be searchable. The reflector is a smallpassive transponder that weighs less than four grams.

It is factory mounted permanently to clothing and gear that is unlikely to be torn off in the event of an avalanche or other accident. It is a non-powered device meaning that it never needs to be switched on, will never loose signal strength and needs no batteries to function. It is maintenance free and has a virtually unlimited lifespan.
  • The RECCO reflector enables rescue professionals to locate you with RECCO detectors in the event of an avalanche accident or when lost in the outdoors.
  • RECCO reflectors require no power and no activation to function.
    Multiple reflectors are recommended for optimal performance.
  • RECCO detectors are used by rescue professionals worldwide.
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RECCO technology is not intended for companion rescue but is it an alternative to transceiver use in the backcountry. Complementary in function to an avalanche transceiver it is an additional tool for organized rescue teams to locate avalanche burials electronically.

The RECCO technology gives professional rescuers another tool and provides skiers with one more chance to be found in time.