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The 10 super food that keep you going through the winter

by Ilaria Bonato

A balanced and thoughtful diet is crucial to prevent winter sicknesses and provide the correct energy intakes that keep you healthy. Helping your immune system with correct nutrition is easy and low cost.

There are few simple but important rules for a proper lifestyle and balanced relationship with food: variety of elements is the best option you have.

Seasonal fruits and veggies consumptions at each meal will assure you the right minerals and vitamins your body requires for correct functioning and recovery from stress. In association to fibers from fruits and veggies, you have to make sure each meal comprehends proteins, good fats and carbs in the right proportion.

In addition there few seasonal foods that specifically help you fight through cold temperatures and lack of vitamins typical of winter months.



It is one of several vegetables in the family Brassicaceae. This guy has tons of fibers and high Vitamin B content that helps the nervous system to stay young and active, lots of antioxidants and anti-aging elements and minerals. It is recommended to consume them twice a week and do not over-cook it to avoid the nutrients loss.


It is our winter source of potassium. It is a great cramps fighter, typical of sporty people, and it is very helpful for who has digestive issues limiting the formation of gas likely to happen at high altitudes. You can also drink it as a pleasant after meal herbal tea.


Vitamin C party! They are perfect for the immune system, the regeneration of bones and ligaments collagen. Drink it as a fresh juice every morning.


The perfect source of protein from mother hearth. Beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas are energetic, iron rich, fundamental to face the cold temperatures and keep your gut healthy. The best you can do is to associate them with a source of cereals, this way they will keep you going and full.


Better if wholegrains…they are the great mix of minerals, essential fatty acids and fibers. They regulate your gut and your immune defence. They are the right choice to best perform mentally and physically.


Almonds, nuts, cashews etc…they are omega3 source and are packed in vitamins, minerals and zinc to protect you. 20/30 grams is the right daily amount to have in your pocket.


Lactose ferments are perfect to keep your intestine working properly. Natural Greek yogurt is the favourite choice for a greater protein amount and a lower sugar content.

Chilly pepper

Rich in vitamin C, it stimulates your metabolism, improves your immune system and is a good source of antioxidants. Do you want to try it the italian way? Pasta with garlic, olive oil and chilly pepper!


Natural anti-inflammation, digestion aid and ideal for those days of the month when your period challenges you. Boil it 10 mins and drink it as a tea.

Dark Chocolate

It has beneficial effects for your circulatory and cardiovascular system. It is packed with antioxidants to slow down your aging process…but…on top of everything it is a natural antidepressant. You can have a bit every single day, just make sure it has at least 75% content of dark cocoa.