COD. 40112700000 - NEUTRAL
The Zero G Ultralight Liner is our premium backcountry-touring liner, developed to combine lightness and comfort. Anatomically pre-shaped, it guarantees uncompromised comfort out of the box but can also be thermoformed to fully customize the fit if necessary. Developed with a breathable and waterproof membrane, the liner features a foldable structure on the backside for improved flexibility and walkability. It comes with a set of laces and a front spoiler to guarantee maximum support and precision while skiing in the backcountry. Heat-sealed reinforcements avoid the premature wearing of the liner, extending the boot life. AT Tecnica, we care about our fellow skier's safety, because of this we have integrated a Recco® reflector into every Zero G liner, making you searchable for the rescuers regardless if you have on a becon or not. Pre-equipped on our top model Zero G Tour Pro, these liners are compatible with all the Zero G skiboots (Zero G Tour Pro, Zero G Tour Scout , Zero G Tour ).

LIGHT FIT: 240 g (size 265 MP).
IMPROVED WALKABILITY: the shoe features a foldable structure on the back to improve mobility while walking/climbing.
LACES AND TONGUE SPOILER: the liner comes with a set of laces and a tongue spoiler.
BREATHABLE MEMBRANE: waterproof breathable membrane, allows traspiration avoiding sweat retention.
CUSTOMIZATION: pre-shaped with anatomical last. If needed, it is possible to thermoform the shoe (Tecnica Ovens only, 6 mins. 80°C/ 175°F) to customize the fit.
HEAT SEALED REINFORCEMENTS: in high friction areas, heat-sealed reinforcements provide improved liner durability.
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  • Zero G Tour (2020-2021)
  • Zero G Tour PRO (2020-2021-2022-2023)
  • Zero G Tour Scout (2020-2021-2022-2023)
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