how to dress
for cold
wheather skiing


Just because that thermometer has dropped to freezing cold temperatures, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great day on the hill.

As long as you dress properly, skiing on a cold day can be one of the best! A key concept to staying warm is LAYERS! Performance clothing with good wicking and insulating materials can wick the moisture away from you body while the layers allow pockets of warm air to keep you warm.

1. Base layers: top and bottom

performance base layers will wick moisture away from your body to keep you dry. Merino Wool or a performance wicking synthetic material are best.

2. Insulating layers.

Wool turtle necks, fleeces or pullovers will add that extra layer of insulation. 1 or 2 of these, depending on how cold it is and how much room you have under your coat are key.

3. A vest

A vest is a great extra insulation layer that keeps your core warm while being less restricting in the arms.

4. Ski pants

insulated, wind resistant ski pants over the base layer.

5. Ski jacket

insulated, wind resistant – An insulated, windproof jacket that is not too tight will allow plenty of under layers and keep the heat in! Down is a great insulator.

6. Helmet

make sure you find one that is comfortable and fits your head!

7. headband

A thin hat or headband under your helmet can create an extra layer of insulation.

8. Goggles

your goggles should fit with your helmet (avoid that forehead gap!) and fit your face. A good fitting helmet and goggle will keep that cold air off your face and forehead.

9. A neck gator

fantastic for additional warmth on your face and from keeping the cold air going down the back of your neck.

10. Mittens

mittens tend to keep your hands warmer for cold weather days. You can add an insulating insert for extra warmth.

11. Hand warmers!

Add a set of hand warmers to really keep your fingers warm –some mittens have a special zip pocket for the hand warmers.

12. Boot heaters

are a great investment if your feet get cold easily. if you have them, these are a great way to keep your toes toasty all day long. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. If you don’t have boot heaters, there are boot warmers like the hand warmers you can attach to your socks.

13. Ski socks

WHEN SKIING YOU REALLY ONLY NEED 1 PAIR OF PERFORMANCE, THIN SKI SOCKS! You do not need to wear 2 pairs and you don’t want socks that are too thick. You will get the best fit and the most warmth with 1 performance pair. NOTE: Do not wear your ski socks to the mountain. Put them on just before putting on your boots. Your feet can sweat or if you get snow in your shoes your socks will get wet. Starting the day with wet socks will definitely not keep your feet warm!

14. A hat

for après! Stay warm door to door!

15. And lastly, definitely don’t forget the sunscreen and lip screen –

the sun is much stronger when reflected off the snow regardless of the temperature.