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That morning, having gone past the rangers’ cabin towards Yosemite Valley, we didn’t know yet that we were to witness a unique experience. This natural wonder, set among the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, greeted us with such extraordinary beauty as to make us believe we were dreaming.

We ventured onto the Four Mile Trail which took us on a journey of eight miles, from the Yosemite Valley up to Glacier Point. The overwhelming beauty of Half Dome and the majestic mountains grabbed our attention along the way.

Each step brought us closer to a breathtaking panoramic view over the Yosemite Valley, one of the finest panoramas we’d ever seen. Reaching Glacier Point was like reaching up to heaven, deep in the vastness and greatness of this magical place.

Going down into the valley, the Merced river that runs through the Yosemite Valley was truly captivating. Its sparkling water, surrounded by luxurious woodland and impressive rock faces, created a magical atmosphere.

The Yosemite waterfalls are a distinctive feature of this national park and the famous Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America, offering an incredible spectacle of power and beauty. However it's not the only one and Bridalveil, Vernal and Nevada Falls can also be admired.

As the sun went down a show of light and colour lit up El Capitan and Half Dome, transforming their majestic rock shapes into living works of art. Warm shades of pink and orange painted the sky, creating a unique and magical atmosphere. We just had to take photos of those moments, seeking to retain the essence of that unforgettable experience.

Encounters with the wild fauna of the Yosemite National Park was like walking into a book of fairy tales. Crossing the path of the deer grazing peacefully among the meadows or sighting powerful bears in the surrounding area was a common occurrence. It was a thrilling encounter which reminded us of the importance of protecting and preserving the habitat of these fascinating creatures.

However in this wonderful place we can’t ignore the danger hanging over the Yosemite National Park - the increasing risk of fire.

Forest fires threaten the beauty and biodiversity of this magical place. Measures must absolutely be taken to prevent fires, such as active fire management and environmental education, to protect the fragile nature of this unique ecosystem.

Looking back on our Yosemite experience, we’re aware of the urgent need to preserve its beauty and magic. It’s our duty to protect this enchanting place so that future generations can continue to venture along breathtaking trails, admire the wild fauna and be spellbound by the waterfalls that are a feature of this natural wonder.

Conservation is the key to ensuring that the Yosemite National Park continues to captivate and inspire, just as it did with us.

COPY AND PHOTOS: Lorenzo Alesi & Alice Linari