what to pack
for a ski trip


Packing for a ski trip can be daunting and having the right clothes for skiing and après can make or break a ski vacation.

The length of the trip, the time of year, the type of skiing and the weather will play a role in exactly what and how much you will bring. This list is a general guideline to make sure you have what you need. A key concept is LAYERS! With layering, you can mix and match depending on the weather so you are warm, comfortable and dry all day long.

1. Base layers: top and bottom

Performance base layers (wool is a good choice), that will both insulate and wick moisture to help keep you dry and warm.

2. Insulating layers.

Temperature will determine how many and what kind of layers you will need over the base layer for insulation. Fleeces or wool pullovers will add that extra layer of insulation.

3. A vest

is a great extra insulation layer that keeps your core warm while being less restricting in the arms.

4. Ski pants

the type of weather anticipated will determine whether you bring insulated, shell, or waterproof ski pants.

5. Ski jacket

again, the type of weather anticipated will determine whether you bring insulated, shell, or a waterproof jacket.

6. Helmet

make sure you find one that is comfortable and fits your head!

7. Goggles and extra lenses

your goggles should fit with your helmet (avoid that forehead gap!) and fit your face. Extra lenses for various weather will help with visibility whether there is flat light or bright sunshine

8. Gloves and/or mittens

again, expected temperatures at your destination will determine what you will need – mittens tend to keep your hands warmer for cold weather days.

9. A hat – for après.

Sometimes a thin hat will help with the fit of your helmet and add an additional layer of warmth.

10. A neck gator –

fantastic for additional warmth on your face or protection from the sun.

11. Ski socks

WHEN SKIING YOU REALLY ONLY NEED 1 PAIR OF PERFORMANCE, THIN SKI SOCKS! You do not need to wear 2 pairs and you don’t want socks that are too thick. You will get the best fit and the most warmth with 1 performance pair. The number of days you will be skiing, will determine how many pairs to bring.

12. Apres ski boots

for walking around town and to and from the ski area.

13. Apres ski clothes

where you are going will determine the “fanciness” of clothing but in most ski towns, jeans and a few nice tops are all you need!

14. Yoga or work-out clothes (& sneakers if you plan to work-out).

You may want to stretch before or after skiing, attend a yoga class, or just have some comfy sweats to lounge around the fire in.

15. Bathing suit

and flip flops for hot tubs and swimming pools.

16. Sunscreen and lipscreen

the sun is much stronger when reflected off the snow.

17. Sunglasses

18. Charging cables for any electronics

(phone, computers, ipods).


staying hydrated is key to feeling strong and well. This is especially important if you are traveling to ski at altitude.

20. Toiletries:

don’t forget the essentials such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, body lotion and face cream, face cleansers, shampoo and conditioner, ibuprofen!

21. PJ’s, bras,

underwear and everyday socks!