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“POLAR HORIZON” is a journey exploring the majestic beauty and wild untamability of the Arctic regions of Svalbard and Iceland.

The film follows the adventures of a group of explorers and filmmakers, led by the narrator, as they embark on a respectful and contemplative journey into these remote lands, where the human being is a guest in a realm dominated by nature.

In Svalbard, the group navigates through ice and wildlife aboard a sailboat, immersing themselves in an environment where whales, polar bears, reindeers, walruses, and seals reign supreme. Using both traditional and modern techniques, they traverse ice packs, climb mountains, and ski down slopes all the way down to the sea, establishing a respectful dialogue with the wildlife.
The close encounter with a polar bear becomes a moment of joy mixed with awe, symbolizing the power and fragility of the Arctic environment.
The film also captures the sounds of the Arctic, from the crackling of melting ice to the rumbling of glaciers, creating a natural soundtrack that accompanies the entire adventure. Life aboard the boat, with its routine of planning and sharing, strengthens the bond between the travel companions, as they face the challenges of exploration in an unpredictable climate.
The trip continues to Iceland, the landscape transforms, offering scenes of glaciers and volcanoes. Here, the experience of skiing at sunset, admiring waterfalls plunging into the Arctic Ocean, and witnessing the Northern Lights reveal the uncontrollable force of natural elements.

The Troll Peninsula becomes a winter paradise, where the group leaves their tracks on pristine snow, skiing in breathtaking landscapes and witnessing the wild beauty of the planet.

The film also addresses the issue of climate change, observing the accelerating melting of glaciers and alterations of ecosystems, emphasizing the urgency and responsibility to protect these environments.
“POLAR HORIZON” is a tribute to exploration and nature, a story that inspires reflection on the beauty and fragility of our planet. The journey between Svalbard and Iceland becomes an experience that enriches the soul, teaching the value of respect for nature and the importance of preserving these landscapes for future generations.
The film is an invitation to consider ourselves guests, not masters, of this extraordinary planet we call home.
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