TERRA / Dolomiti


Going back to the Dolomites always feels special. The last destination of our trip is in the most beautiful mountains in the world. We visited two places. On the first day, we enjoyed discovering the Cir group area before we reached the Puez lodge. A classic route that we had never done before, and one which reveals an unusual aspect of the Dolomites. The climb to the Cir mountain pass really is beautiful, between the peaks of the Cir group and behind the Sella group with its imposing vertical walls on which fantastic slivers of light sketch out epic scenes. The colour of the grass is fading into orange, the first snowfall giving the atmosphere an autumnal feel.

The pinnacles of the Dolomites contrast even more highly in these conditions, the climb to the pass is easy, as is the descent to Val Chedul and the climb towards Cristo del Crespeina. From here, the view of the partially snow-covered peaks looks like a lunar landscape. At the bottom, in the centre of the plateau, Col dala Soné stands solitary as the guardian of these lands.

It’s a beautiful day and we decide to continue along the classic route towards the Puez lodge. The low light means that the peaks draw increasingly longer shadows as the hours pass. A truly evocative atmosphere.

We had never visited the Puez-Odle Nature Park before, and we have to say it’s a unique place. On the way to the lodge, we can see Sass Rigais and Furchetta in the distance to the west. It’s getting late, the days are rapidly getting shorter and it’s time to turn back.

The next day we decide to enter from the Seceda area. Having left the hundreds of tourists photographing Seceda from every possible angle behind, we head in the direction of the Forces de Sieles pass. Past the last lodges, we finally enter a fantastic setting. Sass Rigais and Furchetta to the north, Col de la Pieres to the south. The route takes us up to the Forces de Sieles pass, from which the view over the Valle Lunga is spectacular.

We continue our climb on the via ferrata to reach the summit. At times, the mixed terrain of rock and snow makes the climb treacherous, but it is worth continuing because once we reach the peak, the view of the Puez-Odle park and the Sella group is incredible.

Fermeda di Sopra, Grande Fermeda Campanie di Fubes and Grande Odla Sas de Mesdi rise like spires to the north, distinguishing the area, while Vallelunga lies below us, and the Sella group is off to the south-east. A place where the connection with the earth is strong, and where the history of the mountains can be read.

Our journey through the elements was in fact more of an inner journey. The desire to get back to exploring the world, to learn about new cultures and admire new landscapes.

We need to feel part of nature and the elements it consists of to feel alive, to give meaning to our future and the future of the next generation. The force of nature, its changes and its elements will always prevail over man. We must be good at adapting, evolving, being respectful, feeling like guests in a continuously changing world, without sacrificing our desire to explore, discover and travel, all in a sustainable way.

On to the next adventure.

Photos by Lorenzo Alesi and Alice Linari - Text by Lorenzo Alesi