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I’ve stood atop gargantuan mountains in Alaska. I’ve skied down volcanoes in Chile. I’ve ridden a snowcat through dreamy, British Columbian trees, then floated through even dreamier British Columbian powder. I’ve stayed up too late in Jackson Hole, dancing awkwardly in my ski boots.

But these days, my life as a skier looks different. Much different.

I live in Maine, adoringly known as “Vacationland” for its sunny beaches, charming lighthouses, and buttery lobster rolls. A place that, in the summer, is all that and more. But in the winter, Maine is unapologetically brutal. Negative temps. Vicious storms. Ice.

So. Much. Ice.

Here—and across New England for that matter—skiing requires a whole new level of dedication. Your commitment to pushing through the weather and maintaining the right gear can’t be understated. Layer on a demanding career and a baby girl to take care of back home, and there’s always one clear answer when the mountains call my name: day trip.

The days of jet-setting around the world and living out of a suitcase are far and few between for me now. And that’s quite alright. Because I love my work. I love being a dad. I love my own bed. But, I still love to ski. More than ever, actually. The only difference today is, I’m in a constant pursuit of the best day trip ever. Simply rolling out of bed and taking a handful of runs at 10 a.m. isn’t an option anymore. Now, it’s up at 4:30, out the door at 5, and on the road toward several objectives—with touring and alpine gear in tow—before the sun is up.
Last winter, with the help of my friends, I decided to showcase my love for the day trip in a short film, because I think it’s a common experience we all share as skiers, but one that’s rarely celebrated. Whether you live here in New England, out west, or across the pond, our lives will all require good, close-to-home day trips now and then. After all, making the best of the skiing in your home region is something we’ve all learned to appreciate over the past year or two.
For this short film, which we aptly named “Day Tripper,” we bounced around between New Hampshire and Maine, attempting to ski as much as possible—from an early-morning tour, to an afternoon frontside session, to under-the-lights night shredding. Per usual, the weather gave us a run for our money, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Actually, powder would’ve been fine. But that’s not the point. This film is a rallying cry for anyone out there who just loves to ski and wants to do more of it. We hope you enjoy, and that you start masterminding your own day trips sometime soon.

Written by Connor Davis
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