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Since 1945, Blizzard has made skis for nearly everyone. The on-piste carvers. The big-cliff senders. The high-alpine climbers. The down-low aprés-ers.

But there was a group missing from the equation: the Hustlers.

Let’s set the stage with a definition:



a) energetic activity, hard work; I went about the hustle of winter life.

b) effort and energy in playing a sport;
The fans admire them for their hustle.
A player known more for his hustle than his talent.

Hustlers are a subculture of skiers who write their own stories in the backcountry. They’re working late. Up early. First to the skin track. Smiling on the summit. And showing how it’s done one turn, slash, and air at a time. They keep it light and quick uphill, but never compromise on the downhill because they are always sending it, all the time.

These Hustlers deserve a backcountry ski that lives up to their lifestyle. So we handcrafted an all-new collection in our Miterstill, Austria factory. And we named it after the very people that inspired it.


Hustle is an all-new, gender-neutral collection blending the best of our past: the lightweight mastery of the Zero G collection, with the freeride domination of the Rustler and Sheeva. (Plus some extra magic that you can learn about here .)

To launch this new line, we created a video with a team of skiers around the world who encompass the Hustle spirit. They include Geli Kauffman from Lech, Austria; Charlene and Matis Plaisance from Courchevel, France; JJ and Jim Vinet from Revelstoke, British Columbia; Morgan McGlashon from Wilson, Wyoming; and Lincoln Benedict and Jess Marion from Brunswick, Maine.

Geographically, these skiers are separated. But they’re connected through skiing, and their never-ending Hustle. They’re not pro skiers. They’re guides, entrepreneurs, teachers, and beyond. Everyday people who work hard, ski hard, and repeat.

These Hustlers each ventured into their favorite backcountry zones with cameras in-hand, and the result is one video that combines all of their experiences and turns into one Hustle anthem.

And of course, we had the one and only Caite Zeliff read the script, because she knows as well as anyone what the Hustle is all about.

A new ski season is here.

A new opportunity to Hustle hard.
We’ll see you in the mountains.