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A film by Lorenzo Alesi and Alice Linari. Directed by Paolo Prosperi.

A journey from the heart of Europe to the Arctic Circle, driving electric, sailing among remote islands and ski touring on pristine mountains, to show that travelling and exploring with minimal carbon footprint is possible and to inspire others to take action to protect our planet, so that future generations will be able to experience these beautiful environments after us.

The protagonists drive From Munich thousands of kilometers in electric, charging the car with green energy, to northern Norway. They explore three different locations and experience unique environments led by local friends.

Driving on bridges which are real architectural gems, like the Øresund Bridge in Malmö, Sweden, using hybrid ferries to cross marvelous fjords, passing by breathtaking landscapes, in just two days they arrived at the Lofoten Islands, first stop of the journey. In Ballstad, at the Hattvika Lodge, their friend Kristian Bøe was waiting for them. Kristian is very active when it comes to protecting the environment: the lodge he owns and manages is indeed conceived in a sustainable way both from the architectural and from the energetic perspective.

One of the highlights of the skiing experience in Lofoten was a day at Rundfjellet. They were the first skiers of the day, so they enjoyed the ski tour with calm, admiring the beauty of this fairytale place. Mountains covered with snow until the sea, hundreds of fjords, magical light.

After few days spent in Ballstad, skiing around and eating tasteful fresh fish, it was time to continue the journey, so back on the car and in few hours, they made it to the harbor in Hansnes, to catch the ferry for the island of Vannøy.

The hour on the ferry flew by, and once arrived in Vannøy they drove to the House of Books, a cozy place in the middle of nowhere, owned by Marco Rossi a good friend of Lorenzo and Alice. Marco is a sailor and explorer from Italy, who accompanied them in discovering the islands in the Arctic with his sailing boat “Cadeau”, skiing and sailing.

Here they hiked up the island of Vannøy, sailed the sea to Kågen and then Arnøy, skinning up and skiing down the surrounding mountains of these two wonderful locations.
But the next destination of the journey was waiting for them so, it was time to get back to the base, pack up the car, and get back on the road heading towards Senja, the second biggest island of Norway, where their friend Jørgen Wang was waiting for them at the lodge Senja by Heart.

After the snowfalls of the past days the conditions looked good, so they enjoyed a great day skinning up Husfjellet and skiing down to Torsken, where mountains are much rockier and pointier and the water so turquoise.

The day after they checked out Segla, probably the most iconic mountain in Senja. where ascent was short and the view breathtaking, skiing next to the rocky face of this stunning mountain was amazing.

Finally, on the last day, Jørgen proposed to show them one of his favorite ski tours, so they drove to the other side of the island to summit Kvaenen.

The snow was hard and crusty, not the best skiing experience of their trip but definitely a wonderful scenery.
They looked at the long and narrow fjord one more time, maybe one of the most beautiful fjords of the trip, and headed back to Torsken to pack their luggage, say goodbye to their friend Jørgen and have a rest before leaving early the next morning.

Embracing their thoughts, trying to impress the beauty of these landscapes in their mind for the last time. Thinking back of all the beautiful moments and the toughest ones, about the sun, about the wind, about the warm and the cold, about the sunrises and the sunsets, the stars and the northern lights. Extremely grateful for everything they were bringing back home: experiences, emotions, learnings.

“We are so small in this wonderful big world, yet our actions have a big impact. So much depends on us and on the actions we take, it is our responsibility to preserve these beautiful unique environments for future generations.

A different lifestyle is possible – a green, sustainable, futuristic lifestyle, as everyone may like to call it. What is important is that we truly can contribute to preserving the health of our planet through our individual actions – as in the end it’s our life and that of future generations that we will contribute saving.”

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