The Melting


A short film by Lorenzo Alesi and Alice Linari. Directed by Paolo Prosperi.

A symbolic journey from the southernmost glacier in Europe, the Calderone of the Gran Sasso d’Italia, to the highest mountain in Europe, the Month Blanc, to raise awareness on the effects of climate change on the environment and inspire the audience to take action to protect our planet, so that future generations will be able to experience these beautiful glaciers and mountains after us.

The protagonists of this docufilm are Lorenzo, professional skier and ski instructor, and Alice, skier and outdoor enthusiast, and together with local mountain guides and mountain professionals explore four symbolic locations in Italy:

from Gran Sasso, heading north along the Apennines and stopping in the Sibillini Mountains National Park, passing by the Dolomites, to finally reach Mont Blanc.
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The protagonists listen to the stories of local communities on the impact of climate change, on their lifestyle and on the surrounding nature: the mountain environment is changing, with the melting of glaciers, the water crisis, and the increasing landslides, causing greater risks and changing the manner and times to spend time in the mountains, also transforming the relationship between tourism model and environment.

The protagonists reflect on the possible practical solutions to adopt in order to slow down climate change,

and therefore choose a more sustainable mobility for this trip, driving electric motorbikes with zero emissions for local transfers and approaching the slopes only with skins, and opting for van sharing solutions for longer transfers.

A slower journey, that however allows them to really connect with nature

and to reflect on the concrete actions that everyone of us can take to reduce environmental impact and to contribute creating a better future for the next generations.

THE MELTING POINT is the first episode of a bigger project that aims to raise awareness on the effects of climate change and on the possible new behaviors that could bring to positive results and represent a development and growth opportunity for the future.